Useful links

FamilytreeDNA This site gives all information about the different DNA-tests and the test kits belonging to them.
Also the prices are mentioned there, dependant on the number of investigated 'markers'. For our purpose an analysis of 12 markers will be sufficient for the time being. When you order a test, keep in mind that participation in a 'surname project' is considerably cheaper than an individual test.
Igenea This is a subsidiary company of FamilytreeDNA, located in Switzerland. The advantage of this site is, that all information and instructions can be read here in French, German, English, Italian and Spanish.
Our experience is that ordering of a test can better be done directly with FamilytreeDNA, to prevent delay and misunderstanding.
Genographic Project Here background information can be found on the investigation of the migration patterns of our early ancestors over the world. How the DNA-profiles of hundreds of thousands of people are used to get deeper understanding thereof. Concepts like 'Haplogroup', 'clades' and 'subclades' are explained here.
Worldnames This site presents the spread of familynames over the world. By inserting the name 'Donche' one can see where people with this name are to be found in the world. The maps, tables and information presented about names on this website are derived from the analysis of large databases of name records across the world and give an interesting view of the distribution of the name. It is of course possible to search for other names on this site as well.