Three Donche families from the Haute Savoy

In the course of my investigation I have gathered information of three Donche families. All three of these families descend from the Haute Savoy, as far as traceable in archives. In those archives no connection between these families can be found, but recently executed DNA-research has shown, that they positively must have had one common ancestor. Since the earliest records go back till about 1560 that common ancestor must have lived before 1560.

I have made descendants reports of those three branches wherein all descendants of the earliest known ancestor are given, both in the male and in the female line. To protect privacy no information is given of individuals that are still alive, they are indicated as N.N. By clicking the name of the branch-ancestor the report is shown.

The three branch-ancestors are: I shall be glad to receive new input, corrections and comments to these reports.

Gouda, The Netherlands, April 2011
Peter Danz